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Get Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on March 1st Via Verizon

Yep, in two days you can get the new 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 through Verizon. price will be $499.99 with new 2yr agreement and you’ll have to subscribe to a $30 per month 2gb data plan on top of that. I have a couple tablets and I just don’t find the need to have constant internet access on them. I have my phone, the HTC Titan, with it a nice large screen that’s more than good enough for browsing, email etc. I have my tablet with me for games and media really. And I just can’t see paying $500 for a 7.7” tablet when there are bigger tablets with the same or very similar specs for half the price really. Eh whatever..


The Tab 7.7 is a multimedia expert allowing customers to use their tablet as the center of their home entertainment system.  The Peel Smart Remote feature eliminates the need for multiple remote controls for televisions, audio players and other home entertainment systems.  Customers can make their Tab 7.7 the master controller to find and watch their favorite TV shows, create a favorites list, set program reminders and more.  Customers also have the ability to stream media to their compatible TV using the multimedia dock with a built-in HDMI port or the HDTV Adapter (sold separately).  The Samsung Media Hub offers a large selection of media to rent or purchase and watch while traveling or plug into a TV to share at a party.

Additional features:

· 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display (1280×800)

· Android 3.2 Honeycomb – supports Google Mobile Services, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Talkwith video chat, Google Search, Google Maps, as well as access to Google Books, movie rentals and more than 400,000 apps on Android Market

· 3.2-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash, full 720p recording and 1080p playback (1080p playback through HDMI dock or adapter)

· Front-facing 2-megapixel camera for video chat

· 16 GB on-board storage (actual formatted capacity is less)

· Support for up to 32 GB  microSD card

Business solutions

Business professionals can feel secure when working on their Tab 7.7 knowing that it is Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE).  The SAFE certification signifies that the Tab 7.7 is equipped with an exclusive suite of security features that deliver enterprise-friendly capabilities to help safeguard sensitive data and communications, including Mobile Device Management (MDM), on-device Encryption, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and push synchronization of corporate email, calendar and contacts.

            The Galaxy Tab 7.7 provides the ideal balance of portability and productivity so business professionals can get the job done.  Pair the Tab 7.7 with a keyboard dock and maximize productivity with the QuickOffice® Pro HD application.  Customers won’t even notice they left their laptops behind with the ability to create and edit Microsoft® Office documents.

Even traveling business teams can stay connected and productive in remote meeting locations, such as airports, with the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot capability.  The Tab 7.7 lets customers share their 4G LTE connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously, enabling leaders to become the team’s Wi-Fi hotspot to rapidly download large presentations and blueprints to review before boarding a flight.

Pricing and availability:

· Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be available March 1 in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at for $499.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

· Customers that purchase a Tab 7.7 will need to subscribe to a 4G LTE mobile broadband data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data.

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