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Gimme Some Stock Tips

My broker says I’ve got a cool five grand cash money in my Roth IRA and I want to pump it into the market. Now normally in these situations I buy as much Google as possible and then a share of Apple if there’s any cash left. I’d just go ahead and make the call to do the same thing right now, but I want, while still sticking to the tech sector, to display an exhibition of apparent financial prudence to my family and fiancée before I do that and what better a way than running this buy you guys first to be able to say I did my due diligence.

So I’m thinking more Google and some Apple again. Can’t get HTC (tried it before) on a Roth IRA because it’s on the Taiwanese exchange which for some reason is off limits, at least according to my broker. But one crazy idea that popped into my head after hearing Ramon, our resident Blackberry fanatic, talk too much anti-Google knowing how much it pisses me off is to short RIM because, though it does have a pretty low P/E, I think it will get trounced by the other guys hard enough for them to feel the pain in their revenue — but also because if I short it and make a few bucks either on paper or after I closing the position then I can return fire at Ramon. Or if you guys think RIM still has legs then I could go long on RIM and either make some money or be able to talk trash at Ramon for driving me to lose money on his pony.

But seriously, please give me some stock advice. Again, it’s five grand, a nice chunk of change but not exactly enough to take such things as dividends into consideration, not looking to diversify this for the sake of diversifying (but would if you flood me with multiple tips that sound pretty good) and I’ll report back in six months or so with an update on how well you did for me. Thanks. And thanks in advance for making me rich.

Doug Simmons

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