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Hey Surur, Quick Question

Surur, Smith and I are butting heads on something, maybe you could settle this please?

As usual we are trying to get this site rolling with enough traffic that there’s a debate in almost every post (you know, like on your site). On one particular issue of contention, my position on defibrillating this puppy is that we need, top priority, greater visible comment concentration to the heart beating. Smith’s position is that priority number one is that we need to rally each other up to post at least ten articles a day.

My qualm with that is that the article minimum may be perceived by our troops as too tall an order (or may be turned off to write by his use of the word minimum), that too active a flurry of new articles dumped on the front page without enough commenting building up before they get buried will backfire (at least until we get some heavier traffic, which we are in the process of doing actually), you get the idea – for a site in our apparent interminably-nascent state, who’s right here, me or Smith?

Now Smith is sensitive, so if you want to say he’s right even though he’s not, I’ll completely understand.

Doug Simmons