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Go to Hell, Rodman

Never mind, seems he already is going back to North Korea. Why? Rodman’s on a mission of high-stakes diplomacy in a bid to free that American prisoner sentenced to fifteen years at a labor camp for attempting to overthrow the North Korean government.

Though the North Koreans have insisted the incident is not an attempt on their part to create a bargaining chip (to, for example, lure Bill Clinton over again), Rodman is taking it upon himself to “get the guy out” because, as he put it, “We got a black president who can’t even go talk to Kim Jong Un. Obama can’t do shit.”

When asked how he has so far contributed to our national interests with respect to our dealings with a country that releases Youtube videos depicting their dreams of nuking us, Rodman responded that his friend Kim Jong Un “put those missiles back into storage.”

“That black guy called Obama? F*** him,” he added.

Needless to say it is unlikely Rodman, perhaps emboldened by his success on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, is coordinating with the State Department on this.