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Would You Please Stop Visiting North Korea

It’s unclear to me why any American would think it’s a good idea now to swing by the country whose government has articulated, repeatedly, their imminent intention to bathe Americans and our allies in seas of nuclear fire. Yet we keep dropping by, and now the North Koreans may indict Kenneth Bae, some American tour guide operator, for attempting to overthrow their government.

Though there may be debate regarding whether or not he was properly Mirandized, the North Koreans claim he confessed to this charge which as you can imagine is no misdemeanor over there. That’s diplomatic leverage on a silver platter or them, the kind that may be used to confound our efforts not to be engulfed in hellfire. And we can’t always count on Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to be ready to fly to Pyongyang on another rescue mission.

On the other hand, Dennis Rodman may express interest.