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Good News For DIY Apple iPhone 6 Repairs

apple-iphone-6-teardown-screenIt usually never takes this long but the folks at iFixit have released their Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus tear down video which gives DIY repair guys like me a good look at what to expect from family and friends that ask me to repair their damaged iPhone.  I am not going to rehash everything that iFixit said but will post their video for you to take a look at. I will however say that I am thrilled that Apple did not radically change the way you access the device. Another change is the fingerprint scanner cable that attaches from the screen to the main body has now been rerouted eliminating the need to set the screen in place and tilt the screen up to secure the cable into place in a very tight area. The other problem is that the fingerprint scanner will not work any longer with an iPhone if you buy a complete replacement assembly. It basically has to do with security. You wouldn’t want your fingerprint to be removed so that a crook could replace it and have a new phone? So a new fingerprint scanner cannot be changed out and have that function continue to work. Which stinks because I liked buying complete assemblies and swapping them out eliminating the need to tear down the top half of the screen. So from the iPhone 5S on you have to tear down the screen assembly to change a cracked front glass and reuse the old fingerprint scanner. Check out the video for an inside look at your new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.


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