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Goodbye Fuze, Hello Aria!

0,1425,i=224474,00 Fuze, I hardly knew ye. Actually, I knew ye very well. You served me admirably for, nigh, on two years. You were my first smartphone. You introduced me to the wonderful world of mobile technology and the great folks at I have learned so much from you. And my blogging career began because of you.

But when I saw the Aria, I just couldn’t resist. My love for the Fuze was based largely on its small footprint and the Aria took high-performance functioning in a small package to a new level (for a full review, visit Engadget).

aria-att-Support-1061The real kicker in my move to the Aria is that it runs, OMG!, Android instead of Windows Mobile. The reality is that I had taken WM 6.5 as far as it could go. I haven’t flashed since April because NRG hasn’t made any major changes to his amazing ROMs. And Cookie Monster’s Home Tab mod made my Fuze simply perfect for my aesthetic and functional needs.

The Aris and its Android innards do perform extremely well. Though only a 600MHz processor, the bench tests rate it as fast as the 1GHz Snapdragon. And my experience is that it is blazing fast. Everything else isn’t that different in terms of moving around the device. The Android Market is rich with free apps that have completed replaced all of my apps on my Fuze. There are some adjustments to be made, but nothing that has caused buyer’s remorse.

Does this mean that I have become a Google Android ‘bot and am against Windows in the future. Not exactly. Under the tutelage of Doug Simmons, the resident Googl/Android guru, I am transitioning from Outlook (email, contacts, calendars) to the Google cloud. But I leave open to the possibility of returning to the MS fold if WP7 turns out to be a winner (unlike the Kin brothers). Because the Aria is such a simple and functional phone (dare I say, iPhone like), if AT&T makes a small and beautiful WP7 phone, I’ll give the Aria to my wife (unlike the Fuze, it is simple and totally reliable).

So goodbye Fuze and thanks for everything you have done for me. And welcome Aria. I look forward to a (somewhat) long and rewarding relationship with you.