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Windows Mobile Browser Comparison

There is no doubt that things have really gotten interesting in the Windows Mobile Browser war. Of course we were treated to Opera Mobile that came embedded on the AT&T Fuze & HTC Touch Pro to make better use of the this powerful devices capabilities. The severely underpowered Pocket Internet Explorer, which has been a major frustration for would be WinMo Consumers just could not cut the mustard any longer, especially with the continued availability to high speed data across the US.

So what we have today is a very good rundown on all the major Windows Mobile Browsers by Jim Causey who is a Core OS developer on documentation for Windows Mobile. Jim, who also writes for the  Windows Mobile Team Blog has treated us to a very nice article:

Survey of Web Browsers for Windows Mobile

So if you are new to Windows Mobile, here is a good primer for you to get started with to learn more about Windows Mobile Browsers.

Personally, I have been testing Pocket Internet Explorer 6 and it is an improvement over the current version of PIE. However, I have still found myself using Opera Mobile, and just waiting for it to load because how much better it works. If I am doing any kind of web surfing, or need to view a full web page, Skyfire is still the best. It does not zoom in/out nearly as well as Opera Mobile which hurts it’s usability, but it is clearly the most powerful browser available and a must have for any Windows Mobile Device Owner. But Skyfire will have it’s hands full with new comer Fennec by Mozilla. Fennec has gotten a lot of people’s attention already just being in the Alpha stages of testing. If Fennec can overtake Skyfire remains to be seen until we get our hands on it. But until then, Skyfire is still my Browser of Choice