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Google Algorithm Czar Does NBC Interview About Bing

… and forgets to bring up that people using Google TV wouldn’t be able to watch it on NBC’s site. He did however lay down in plain English (as a second language) how Microsoft done him wrong. Microsoft was too busy collecting “click stream signals” to join him live but they sent a buggy WMV of a response with the usual “we did not copy blah blah FULL STOP, Period.” Sefan Weitz, perhaps for the irony, copied one of his own marketing guys practically verbatim.

I think the fifteen minutes of this subject is about to expire, but I want to post this so that you can see for yourself whether or not this man is just joining in on some big PR stunt or if this is in fact as simple as he claims, that he just wants, from one scientist to another team, to knock it off. More than a few of you insist he’s part of a spin machine.

Though he does stop short of pledging never to use a background image again on any Google webpage which would have been received as a strong gesture by Microsoft who keeps bringing that up as if it were significant like having the extent of their innovation being come up with a way to kick back, smoke grass and playing xBox while letting its search engine and Suggested Sites coast on autopilot to morph into a cheap imitation of Google. The clips:

One more…

Doug Simmons