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Hump Day Mail Bag

Uh ohhh! Guess what day it is? GUESS what day it is?  HUMP DAY!


Okay, so it seems we have been getting an influx of contact inquiries asking us to write or review a developers software or app. There is no way we can do that and readers have never liked to be bogged down with tons of articles/posts on software so I thought I would collect a few of them, put them in one article periodically and give them a shout out since they went through the effort of contacting us. These are the top emails for today:

image“Defense Battle” is colorful arcade with RPG elements. Enemy tanks and jeeps are attacking the base. The player controls tower, pointing the gun at enemies and shoots. Additional magical abilities allows to destroy quickly a lots of enemies. The task in the game is to defend and keep the base. Facts about the game: * “Defense Battle” was designed for iOS and Android. * Graphics was optimized for retina displays. * We already have more than 80,000 downloads of “Defense Battle”. * The game is totally free. Here is info page (with screenshots): iTunes link:

imagePearlMountain Technology, which has been focusing on developing graphics software since 2006. Recently, we have released the new version of collage-making app CollageIt 3 Pro, which we’d like to invite you to do a review or write a piece of news about it. CollageIt 3 Pro (Normally $29.90, now $9.99 on App Store after 70% off) is an easy-to-use and automatic app that helps you create eye-catching photo collages on Mac OS X. The free version of CollageIt 3 is a TOP 5 Photography app on App Store. It’s the latest version that retains all advantageous features of CollageIt Pro and adds many new features as well. Key features include: 45+ new templates and 4 collage styles: Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile. Simply add photos using “Random Layout” to generate layout automatically. Use “Free Mode” to move, resize, rotate each photo. Free to zoom in on collage, crop photo, adjust border of round corners, customize backgrounds, photo effects, etc. Add text and edit its font, size, color, alignment, effects, etc. Edit and preview collage with full-screen mode. Save as image/PDF; set as wallpaper; share via Email or Facebook; print it out instantly. Download the free version now: Regarding news:

image“GrooveMixer for Android” is the drum machine for making music beats on Android. It was created for musicians wanted to sketch their music ideas in any time and place. Features: * Drum machine with 256 patterns * Volume mixer with monosolo buttons * Step sequencer with 8 channels * Beats per minute (BPM): 20-400 * Friendly and easy-to-use interface * Save and load your groove beats * Export beats to WAV files * Samples are loaded from SDCARD * 808 and 909 drumkits * Unlimited song length * Support various time signatures The new version comes with more efficient and friendly user interface, various time signatures, settings and new tempo range. The app works fine with any screen resolution. Here is info page (with screenshots): Video: Market link: GrooveMixer 1.3 is available on Google Play for free and has more than 500,000 downloads!

imageHi, We’d like to introduce a new feed app for Tumblr. FastFeed offers unique UI that brings the power of multi-tab into mobile feeds app with simple and elegant design. With FastFeed, you will enjoy the Best Feed Experience You’ve Ever Met. The Power of Multi-Tab Comes to Mobile App. Do you remember the thrill when you first use the multi-tab in web browser? It removes the burden of managing windows and gives you a freedom of navigation. The same thing occurs here. FastFeed brings multi-tab to mobile feeds navigation. This will remove repetitive ‘back button’ and gives you a seamless content flow. No more ‘Select->View->Back’, just ‘Select->View’ and ‘Select->View’. More Concentrated on Content. Multi-tab bar is located at the bottom of the screen and supports auto-hiding. Feed view is sized to full width of device, maximized as large as possible. There is no obstacle over the content. This leads to the extremely simple and intuitive user interface. The Best Feeds App You’ve Ever Met. FastFeed accomplish the coexistence of powerful multi-tab navigation with the simple and intuitive UI. Multiple tabs cache only last viewed position and do not incur any performance overhead. With the FastFeed, you can enjoy the best feeds app you’ve ever met. The Best Tumblr Experience Ever The unique UI of FastFeed can apply to any feed service. But, we think, Tumblr is ideally suited. Accordingly, ‘FastFeed for Tumblr’ is our first choice of multi-tab based feed app series. This app will give you the best Tumblr experience ever. And more apps will follow. Stay tuned on FastFeed. More Info: iTunes link: Website:

Have a great Hump Day!