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Google+ for iPhone reigns supreme as top free app

Yes we all have been loving our diversion from Facebook with Google+. Almost all of the techies have adopted it and today I read that Google+ has exceeded 18 million users. A far cry from Facebook’s 750 million users, but hey so far so good right? As we wrote yesterday, Google+ finally became available on the App Store and look out, it is now the top free downloaded app! Even though I am not overly fond oh Huddling with anyone accept Mrs. Smith and perhaps a small innocent little Huddle with Jennifer Anniston that does not betray my marital vows, Huddled with a few of my friends and it worked great. Hopefully the next release will include some video chat goodness, but for now, it is super smooth and fun to use.

So go Google+ go! We are really liking the cut of your jib and look forward to more features like posting pictures in comments for instance. How cool would that be? Head on over to the App Store if you are an iPhone carrying Google+ user and check out this pretty cool app.

NOTE: Check out 2XL Supercross, I downloaded it for the iPad and it is a lot of fun!