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Google Introducing Prioritized Email Starting Tuesday

On Tuesday Google is planning on releasing an email prioritizing feature which where Google bots automatically decide what emails are important and which ones are not and then arranges them accordingly. Google is calling this feature “Priority Inbox” and should start rolling out to all users starting Tuesday. This is only a experimental or beta test by Google. From Reuters:

The motivation behind Priority Inbox is Google’s conviction that the problem of e-mail overload continues getting worse, forcing people to spend much time and effort managing their inbox both for personal and work-related matters.

Priority Inbox is an additional, optional view of inbox messages. People who choose it can toggle back to other more conventional views,

This will be a pretty interesting feature and I think it would be a really helpful feature for those who get a ton of emails. I am not sure how the bots will pick which emails are important but I am sure Google has figured out some kind of algorithm to make sure they get it right and hopefully I can test it for myself tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on this new feature?

[Via Reuters]