Google killing Google Reader and screws me AGAIN

Google did what to reader? That was the mild and profanity free version of my reaction when I found out what the internet gods had done did! My life as it were just changed, for the second time, more on that in a few.

Google reader was so much more than just a RSS reader or news aggregator, it was all of that and everything in between. Google’s ability to setup feeds based on Google search terms, Google news articles, YouTube content and more made it my default source for the internet. And it didn’t hurt that it had the ability to organize these feeds into categories that made sense.

Google reader essentially changed the way I consumed news and content on the internet. I went from a daily 20 or so site visits to 3. The 3 sites I visited were the sites I managed, everything else was funneled into Google Reader.

But this isn’t the first time Google had me on red alert, they recently killed off exchange support for “non paying” users aka Windows Phone, this meant no push email for my 5 Gmail accounts I rely on everyday.

like the Gmail justification, Google’s reason for taking reader out to pasture makes sense, according to them, there are not enough people using the service to justify the resources. Fine, but wow!

I am unsure what my relationship with Google will be going forward, I really do enjoy their services, but this can’t keep happening. As a Microsoft guy, I enjoy the benefit of legacy, Microsoft will support anything no matter how irrelevant it is for as long as one user uses it. Not the case with a forward pushing company like Google.


  1. Well it’s official I’ll be completely off of Google stuff soon. I’ve moved to for my email and now the last vestige of Google that I use Reader is going the way of the Dinosaurs. Guess I need to find a replacement.

    • Microsoft dropped few product lines, but they offered support for mostly used products for a long time even after they pulled them out of market. Good example support for XP, Vista etc. Do you get a new laptop with XP preinstalled or Vista Preinstalled?

  2. While I still prefer MS over Google any day, I’m recently pissed off that they changed something on SkyDrive to automatically convert any OneNote book I try to sync there to the 2013 version (I’m on 2010). I understand not adding new features to old apps, bit that just completely broke the link I had between my work machine and my Lumia 920 until my employer decides to upgrade 4 years from now.
    So, while they’re generally better with legacy, don’t think they’re blameless. Oh, and I’m still waiting to see how long my WP8 device really gets supported for, just like my old Gen 1 Focus will get the 7.8 update.

    • I didn’t know OneNote docs were automatically converted to 2013 version. I’ll have to look into that. I use both OneNote 2010 and 2013.

      As far as updates the fact you chose Nokia this time around means if it is at all possible an update can run on your phone Nokia will deliver it. That is the benefit of purchasing Nokia opposed to HTC or Samsung.

  3. “Microsoft will support anything no matter how irrelevant it is for as long as one user uses it.” —
    With the exception of Bing Maps on Windows Mobile, that’s what finally drove me away from Windows Mobile to the arms of Goggle.

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