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Google Kills on WSJ Poll

The Wall Street Journal is running a poll asking readers, “Who makes the best mobile operating system?”

You can take the poll yourself and find out the results and let the suspense build up in order to find out the results, or if you’d prefer I’ll just go ahead and spoil it for you, dumping their poll results as of the time of my posting this:

Well how about that. I’m well aware that Google makes the best mobile OS but still, you think it would be Apple dominating this, right? At least with their audience? Or RIM maybe for the Wall Street crowd? Nope, single digits for RIM, Apple getting a little over a third of Google’s vote share. How about that.

Oh wait look, there’s Microsoft, a solid half a percent above Other.

Doug Simmons

Hey I got an idea. Let’s compare audiences with the Journal and see what you guys think of the same question in this here poll.

[poll id=”40″]