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Google Open Sources Google Glass Kernel, Driver Source

What do you make of that?

I’m confused why they’d do this, release the source code of the kernel on which Google Glass runs as well as its drivers, HOWTOs nicely laid out. I’m almost always like general technological openness that doesn’t involve the Chinese and Russians repeatedly

But given how just mentioning Google Glass seems to start fires, making anything about it open to the public, other than, say, a list all the unbreakable mechanisms in place to ensure driver safety, I’m thinking more and more that Google knows very well, and that this is what they’ve intended since they threw the idea at the wall, that this product will always be a pet project, a “reference” concept sort of gadget indefinitely just for the super nerds created in a bid to shape the future of computing, rather than to make the next big thing to thing to fly off the shelves at your local Best Buy at the rate of Samsung GS4 phones (or even Google TVs). It feels like something from their 20% department, and I suspect that’s where it will remain.

I just hope that’s not true with their robo-cars. Everyone’s obsessed with these goofy glasses, but what about those cars?