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Flight Control Finally Available For Android (For 5 Beans)

imageFlight Control is the original flight control style game that’s sold millions of licenses on iOS, Windows Phones, Symbian, etc. In fact it’s #10 of all time paid apps for iOS. But now it’s also available for Android. Here’s the really weird part though. For the iPhone it’s priced at $.99 and for Windows Phone it’s priced at $2.99 and for Android it’s priced at $4.99. Are we in crazy world or is that list backwards? I mean, iOS is the platform most willing to pay for apps, Windows Phone has no choice but to pay for them and Android is intolerant of any payment. Maybe they failed to pay attention to Rovio here but I think we’re all in agreement on the culture behind the platforms and Android is the free/ad based platform and at $5 I don’t see this game selling. I mean, there are a dozen clones of this that are ad based for Android. In fact I see a game called Flight Control Lite that’s not made by Namco and is a clone with a whopping 1.5 stars. To be fair Flying Aces has 4 stars. Why so much detail about pricing? $5 for a flight control style game on Android…not happening.

Anyway, if you’re an Android user that actually pays for apps, here’s the link: