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Google Street View Appreciation Post

Hey! Take a breather from our awesome site and teleport randomly throughout the globe Street View-style on Maybe put it on slideshow mode and adjust the delay.

Even though you aren’t actually heading to any of the places it may bring you, so knowing what these places look like won’t give you much practical advantage in your navigational efforts which at the moment you don’t even have, it just may make you realize and better appreciate the scale of this project, this mission of greatness, and how that when mankind does embark on something so magnificent, of course you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way and people will break your balls excessively for it but damnit, the greater good isn’t wasting time protesting and egging Street View cars, rather they are getting to their destinations more effectively thanks to the hard work of these Google folks with their fancy cameras and wifi receivers and so the greater good doesn’t have time to counter-protest those loudmouth Brits who are, let’s face it, just beating up on Google because they want to return fire for how we didn’t let their precious BP off the hook so easily for ruining livelihoods of a lot our citizens, fouling beaches and killing some birds as if that’s anywhere near the same level as collecting arguably a little too much data but not using it in any way other than hanging onto it so no one calls them out for destroying evidence because a lot of them are long on BP in their pensions.

So please, do enjoy this fascinating site for a good two minutes or so and then you may find it easier to stop talking trash about Google – if only as a favor to me. Hey, you might learn a little geography along the way.

Doug Simmons