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Google Street View catches French Man whizzing in his driveway and lawsuit ensues [VIDEO]

Maybe a little far removed for Mobile Tech Blog but everyone has Google Maps on their phone and as such could find themselves looking at some vary interesting Street Views! Take a French Man who recently took Google to court over a picture of him whizzing in his driveway on Google Street View. Claiming it caused him embarrassment and invaded his privacy, he thinks he has a case. I tend to believe if you are standing on the side of your house, in easy walking distance to an indoor bathroom, and you drop your drawers and whiz on your driveway, you deserve what you get. He was not in his backyard where it was fenced in so any passer by could have seen Lieutenant Lazy relieving himself. 

Google is calling the lawsuit “implausible” but should take note of the lawsuit because it appears they may have bigger issues with EU Law with their new Privacy Policies that went into affect March 1st. Check out the video below for a good laugh and just remember to keep your pants on in your front yard, you never know when Google could be driving by taking pictures to update their Street View Database.

[source: Gizmodo via Mashable]

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