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SHBT MyHome Touch UI Version 1.6 Released

The one thing you can always say about Windows Mobile Devices is that when it comes to Software, User Interfaces, Browsers, etc, is you’ve got choices!  And that is what we have for you today, another choice in User Interfaces to further complicate which one you are going to use! SHBT doesn’t make it easy either with MyHome which looks to be a cross between Microsoft’s 6.5 and HTC’s TF3D. Check it out:

If this looks like something you want to try out, you can get a lot more information from XDASite who did a really nice review on SHBT MyHome. Here is a little more from SHBT:

SHBT MyHome is the next generation of touch oriented user interface for Windows Mobile devices. You will be inspired by the beautiful design which let your device look pretty and ease the way of control.
Next generation Touch oriented User Interface
All technology advantages combined into one product. MyHome is fully touch oriented in control.


  • NEW! ClearVibrate touchvibration feedback
  • NEW! MyHome menu extended
  • NEW! Active alarm notification indicator on Home Panel
  • NEW! WeatherPanel starts SHBT Weather directly
  • NEW! Touch optimized settings menu
  • Enhanced home screen
  • Sliding Panel
  • Touch control
  • Skinning support
  • Skins are fully customizable (for help please see our forum)
  • Support panel plugin (SHBT Weather)
  • Click events customizable to open favourite program
  • Media bar
  • Optimized for QVGA/WQVGA/VGA/WQVGA device resolutions!
  • Phone enhancement
  • Appointments handled in a perfect way
  • Tasks Panel

There is a real brief trial period if you want to test it out first or you can head over to SHBT and drop 14.95 Euro on MyHome and own it forever! SHBT takes PayPal also if that is your preferred method of payment, or you can head on over to’s store where they have it $19.95 USD.