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Gooo – Neat Physics Game For WP7

imageI’m always a sucker for physics games and Gooo (from Nightin Games) caught my eye when it entered the Marketplace today. The goal is to get the Gooos into the basket and to do that you need to fling them with your finger, tilt the phone, maneuver obstacles into place, etc. It’s a fun little game and to cap it off, it’s incredibly well polished. In fact, it reminds me of iBlast Moki in terms of aesthetics and finish so much so that I had to check if it was the same developer. So yeah, it’s very well put together. Here’s a brief trailer of it:

Now for the downside. It’s $3 which is pricey for Marketplace but I don’t think it’s out of line for the amount of time you’ll play this type of game. The other problem is that the trial is only a few levels and you’re still getting a feel for the controls. Anyway, if you like physics/puzzler games give the trial a shot and see what you think. Oh and the tilt part on the second board, that comes after you flick out of the hole – that will save you a little timeWinking smile