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GOTW #2: Pipes Pipes and more Pipes!

I wrote a little about Pipes a while back in our forums and still to this day  (3 months later) it is still a great game to play and waste some good time on.  Pipes was developed over at the now seemingly abandoned site and it has been downloaded 57995 times! Instant classic you may ask? I think so!

There are no real settings, no audio, just pipes!  Well actually you can choose the difficulty (from very easy to insane) and turn “wrap” on or off.  This adds extra difficulty because the pipes not only have to connect to each other, they also need to connect from the left to the right.

As you can see from the image, it looks OK on VGA.  Originally it was designed for 240×320 but it still runs very smooth and it is still very fun (and time consuming!)  Below you can see the different boards from very easy to hard to insane.

image image

Needless to say, you DO need your stylus to play the game!  But if you are waiting in the airport or waiting while your wife goes into the lingerie store, this is a great time waster.  And every board is different! so you’ll never get bored!

Post any of your findings/times in our forums here.

Download from here.

Follow me after the break for some more pictures.


The left screen is my attempt at Hard and the right is very easy with wrap-around!


The above 2 pictures are both from the Hard difficulty setting and are both different!