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Mobility Digest Review: BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor

Our smartphones are precious to each and every one of us.  We excitedly run to our local carrier store and purchase our version of the “must have” phone and delight in its awesomeness.  Recently I picked up a HTC Titan and fell in love much more than I ever thought possible with a phone. The thing is that the lightness paired with the industrial feel makes the phone slip out of my hand and pockets without even a hint that its in motion. I’ve dropped my beloved Titan about a dozen times in the nearly three months that I’ve owned it. So having already dinged up the phone I wised up and started looking for a case or cover to mitigate any further droppings because I knew they were coming.  I checked around and had trouble finding cases for the HTC Titan it being a new and really not heavily promoted phone and all. I feared I’d be left with grasping the phone with a vice grip for the remainder of my time.  Luckily I came across a fantastic product from BodyGuardz.

The BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor isn’t so much a case but a type of razor thin covering that surrounds the vast majority of the rear and sides of your phone thus providing coverage in the areas that need it. So lets get to the contents.

Package includes:

  • Back and Side protective skin
  • ScreenGuardz UltraTough Screen protector

Following the application instructions are easy as the instructions are straight forward.  The most important thing is to take your time and line up the skin properly before applying pressure and securing the seal. I had to readjusted different parts of the skin several times but it was more a case of my bad alignment skills than the product. When the application was finished I was happy with the result. I did feel like if the skin was a seamless skin the coverage would be perfect although the coverage as it is is more than adequate. It’s a nitpick but just thought I’d share.

The Carbon Fiber Armor will cost you $19.95 and does come in Red & White in addition to the Black.


  • I love that included in the package is one of their ScreenGuardz protectors.  It provides coverage for the front while the skin takes care of the back and sides.
  • Another great thing that fans of thin phones will enjoy is the fact the skin adds virtually no thickness to the Titan while giving the back and sides a premium textured feel.


  • Limited side coverage instead of total coverage.

If you’re in the market for a quality skin that doesn’t add any thickness to your Titan I encourage you to grab the BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor from here today.