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GOTW #7: Pocket Sand

So the game of the week has sort of fallen off the boat, but we’ll stick with Game of the Whenever and for this week is an amazingly addictive favorite Pocket Sand.  Some of you may have been bored at work and gone on to AddictingGames website and found the game Hell of Sand.  Well this is a portable(and great) re-creation of just that!

It runs very smoothly until you start to fill up the screen with all sorts of crazy things… But that is all wiped out by the Trash button at the bottom.  The controls are slightly hard to use on VGA, but you really need a stylus anyways.  The controls are: Water, Acid/Toxic Waste, Fire, Cement, Fire Wall, Water Wall, Sand, Gas, Salt(I think), Ice, Plant.  There is also a x2 control which slows it down (the default speed might be x2( and then the power button to exit out.  See below for a blown up image of the controls. 

Most of the items interact with eathother.  Cement will stop anything, Ice will melt with fire AND water (just slower), the Salt will mix with the water and make slush, the Plant will grow with the water AND burn with the fire! So the possibilities are ENDLESS! This is a great time waster if you’re stuck in a DR’s office or just bored at work!  The mixtures seem to change the properties of the other items too! The sandy or salty water doesn’t let the plant grow as fast which is cool… So go on over to Manuel’s Bitfire blog and download a GREAT game and maybe we can bring it back into the limelight!   The only issues I’ve seen is it CAN bog down and when you tap the top Left you get the start menu. (I’m running WM 6.5 though so I don’t know if that is it..)

Download here.

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