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TouchXperience and Windows Phone Device Manager public betas are out

If you are following TouchXperience on Facebook, you might be already experimenting with the public betas of Windows Phone Device Manager and TouchXperience. And if you have already realized that Julien Schapman’s work is worth a few bucks then you might be very well familiar with these apps as a private beta tester.

Just in case you forgot, Windows Phone Device Manager is a desktop app, which is supposed to be an ideal Device Manager (c’mon, we all know that Zune isn’t what we call a “Device Manager”) capable of doing several useful and perhaps essential tasks along with some basic ones like transferring and syncing files.


On the other hand, TouchXperience is a phone app which is more like a custom UI with some Metro aesthetics. TouchXperience brings many missing features in current WP7 devices like multitasking, file explorer, task manager and much more.


For instructions on downloading and installing, click here. Let us know if you find these beta apps useful in anyway to you.

Note: You will need an unlocked or registered WP7 device to use either of the beta apps.