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Griffin Announces AppPowered MOTO TC Rally RC Car

So I was all excited about this until I saw it was only for iOS devices and not Android. Is it really that hard to make something cross compatible? Last I checked Android has the leading market share right? So why not make your device work with both? Makes no sense to me but then again not much makes sense when it comes to this type of thing really. Anyway Griffin has just announced a new RC toy called the Moto TC Rally which works most iOS devices and you just download an app that let’s you control the car remotely. Price is $99.99 and I just have to say WOW at that price…


Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, introduces the new MOTO TC Rally touch-controlled race car. When paired with the free MOTO TC Rally app, users can drive, maneuver and race using their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
“MOTO TC Rally isn’t your typical remote-controlled car,” said Erica Kyle, Youth Product Line Manager at Griffin. “We’ve added fun features like the Bump ‘n Run mode that uses impact sensors to detect bumps from other drivers and create an ultra-realistic racing experience so you can get competitive with friends.”

MOTO TC Rally, available now for $99.99, connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE v4.0) and features super quick maneuvering capabilities via proportional steering, impact sensors that detect bumps and crashes changing the way the car handles, a fully independent, shock-absorbing suspension, power rear-wheel drive, and ground effect lighting.
Drivers can race one of two ways: ‘Race the Clock’ either solo or with friends to beat their best time using the included Lap Counter; or ‘Bump ‘n Run,’ allowing drivers to dish out virtual damage and earn points for attacks on their opponent’s car. Attacks include reducing an opponent’s speed (‘Snare’), tampering with a friend’s controls (‘Randomize’), and flipping their steering wheel (‘Opposite’). The more damage a car incurs, the harder it is to drive. The app also includes bonuses to repair damage, add protective armor, and much more.
Check out Griffin’s new MOTO TC Rally in action here:

Order MOTO TC Rally today at and download the app in the iTunes App Store. MOTO TC Rally requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd & 4th generations), iPad Air, and iPad mini.