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GTX Sense UI Theme Offers More By Using Less

If you are tired of all the HTC Eye Candy they have been packing into their Sense 2.5 UI, then check out this great new them by [ElCondor] over at XDA. As you can see it has been stripped down of all the color and offers a very “easy” on the eyes gray scale theme. [ElCondor] says:

“HTC has gone wrong. The nice clean look on the first versions of Manila has been abandoned.
The clean icons have been replaced by disorderly icons, in every color of the rainbow. Grey turned into color.
The evolvement of the interface itself was good, but the designers began to imitate Samsung.

GTX Sense is – what I think – the way HTC should design. I am not saying they should make a white theme, but that fancy flashing stuff is everything except eyecandy. The design of this theme is mainly inspired by and the ZuneHD. The clean look of those interfaces is just excellent.

It’s been a hard job to get everything working. It was not only graphics work, but also a lot of scripts needed to be enhanced.”

Requirements: WVGA or VGA device with manila version 2.5.192X. Any additional mod, such as Co0kie’s mod, could cause bugs.
Important: If you haven’t got the Manila Locker installed, make sure to install this.
If you’re using an official (stock) ROM, or your manila is not CFC Compressed, download the CFC Uncompressed one.
Currently only Manila version 2.5.1921 is supported. 2.5.1922 is not advised. 2.5.201X will follow soon.
Size of theme: 2,6 MB, CFC Uncompressed 11,4 MB

Make sure you head on over to XDA and check this out and thank [ElCondor] for his awesome work. Remember, tipping these guys goes a long way and keeps them developing! A few dollars (seriously 2-3) does a long way if more people would donate. So skip that Mountain Dew, well, skip something else, gotta have your morning caffeine and show some love!


Source: WMPU