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Guardzilla Intros Affordable Smartphone Security System

The  title up there is a bit misleading I think, it sounds like I’m writing  about a security system for your phone doesn’t it? Well I’m  not, the Guardzilla is a small camera that goes in your home or office and  it connected to your smartphone and  I wouldn’t mind getting one. The  price is under $100 and for that you get a camera system with alarms  built-in and motion sensors along with the  ability to communicate two way through the device and your phone. What I find neat is what they call Geofencing, it arms when you leave and disarms when you come back automatically. Details below for you..


Every 14 seconds in the United States a home is broken into1 and while ninety percent of burglars look to avoid homes with security systems2, an overwhelming number of American households lack a home security system, mostly due to budget constraints. Enter Guardzilla – an innovative smartphone-compatible security system that is revolutionizing the home security marketplace with a price point of less than $100. Previewed to rave reviews at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 5, 2015 and now officially launched at Best Buy stores nationwide, Guardzilla brings a new form of personalized security to the masses. The unit not only generates a siren alarm and streams video in real-time, but it also captures photos that are sent directly to the users’ smartphone.

Guardzilla comes in a modern, discreet design and is user-friendly, with a quick, easy-to-follow installation process and customizable settings based on the users’ preference alert notifications (via text, email and push notification). The security system connects to the users’ smartphone, providing high-resolution photos of intrusions when there is movement in unauthorized areas. Additionally, the system can connect to more than one smartphone, allowing multiple home-dwellers to stay connected – and protected – at all times.

"We are launching Guardzilla in a time when Americans are gravitating towards this ‘connected home’ mentality and simplifying and controlling their world from virtually anywhere via their smartphones. We see this in products that adjust home heating/cooling systems, turn on/off lights, open door locks from virtually anywhere – and now, protecting homes, offices, apartments, and more with Guardzilla," said Ted Siebenman, CEO and President of Guardzilla. "At less than $100, Guardzilla gives users flexibility and given its size and mobility it can serve multiple uses, including baby monitors, NannyCams and boat and RV monitoring, allowing more Americans to protect what is important to them."

To introduce the product to Americans in a fun and unique way, Guardzilla is launching a "Caught in the Act Challenge" in February 2015. The contest will be hosted on Guardzilla’s Facebook page and will encourage fans to upload photos of things that they have caught on their Guardzilla or smartphone – ranging from home security, children sneaking snacks or TV time, teenagers "missing" curfew and more.

Guardzilla Product Features:

  • Intuitive system with no install required, just four simple steps to set-up:
    1. Plug in the Guardzilla device
    2. Download the Guardzilla App to your smartphone
    3. Connect the Guardzilla to your personal Wi-Fi and personalize how and when the users would like to be notified (email/text alerts with customizable push notifications)
    4. Place on a shelf or table in the desired area
  • Features a modern, sleek design, which blends into the environment providing discreet surveillance/infrared night vision
  • Siren alert and motion sensing technology, which alerts owners when there is movement in unauthorized areas
  • Pet immunity prevents your pets from triggering false alarms 
  • 2-way audio allows users to talk remotely with someone in the area Guardzilla is located
  • Geofencing – arms when user leaves and disarms when user returns
  • Multiple phones (Android and iOS compatible compatible) can access the same Guardzilla device

For more information about Guardzilla, visit and connect with Guardzilla on Twitter at @my_guardzilla or Facebook at

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