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Hacker Uncovers Panorama Camera Mode Hidden in iOS 5

Developer and hacker, conradev, has uncovered a panorama mode in the iPhone’s camera app. This is something that has been talked about before but there was never any real proof that this existed in an iPhone. Untill now.

By changing a key value in the iOS SDK, Panorama mode is unlocked allowing users to capture a panorama image by snapping photos continually from left to right.

It is uncertain at this point, as to why this feature is hidden, but we can assume that this will be available to the public in a firmware update possibly in the near future. If you can’t wait for an official release, you can get it now by downloading a jailbreak tweak from Cydia called Firebreak.


Famous jailbreak hacker and developer, chpwn also posted images of the Panorama mode enabled on what we presume to be his iPhone 4S.

Here is an example of a panoramic photo taken on the iPhone (the original resolution is 6122 x 2852):

Originally written for Blu3Sn0w Development