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Handango 25% Off All Apps & Free App Friday!

Free App Friday is back from Handango and this week they are offering: 

Piano Concert for Windows Mobile Touch Screen

Make music on your Windows Mobile phone! Piano Concert gives you a wide variety of options and supports both recording and play functions. You can record as many 10 tracks overlapped enabling you to record easily even with background music. Record and save your music for easy downloading and sharing of all your masterpieces.  Download Piano Concert now by using 100% off code FAF611 on the Send to Phone download option.

Features include:

  • Choose 1 or 2 octaves on the screen
  • Play 88 keys just like a real piano
  • Volume and damper functions

*only available via the Send to Phone download option

Handango is also offering 25% off on all applications on all platforms. So if you have been wanting an app for your favorite device, today would be a good day to grab it and Handango!