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HTC Delivers Premium Windows Phone 7 Device

Engadget today popped another exclusive for us.  HTC has a premium device which at first glance appears to be nothing more than a nice looking black slab.  Clearly we are wrong.  HTC has introduced a seldom used but cool feature of having a slide out speaker plus added a kickstand on the back.  The second image is of the HTC Evo 4G which is the most recent highly visible example of a kickstand in action.  Another example is the HTC Imagio.  Please allow me to suggest what this means and why you should care.

Unobstructed front facing speaker + Kickstand = Multimedia Experienced Right!

Below are several scenarios this works out great:

  1. Gaming- you now get the opportunity to hear the sound effects unmuffled by your hands.
  2. Watching a video at your desk or on any table you can just pop out the kickstand and enjoy whatever video you’re watching without cranking your head down.  It will be sure to impressed casual onlookers.  My Touch Pro 2 tilt screen does every time.
  3. Using the kickstand and slide-out speaker to do a speakerphone call.  Sound should be very much improved over handsets that have the speaker on the sides or the back of the phone.

People frowned upon HTC’s first leaked the device which clearly is meant to target the medium price point and broad market and thought HTC just didn’t care and was half-arsing its way with Windows Phone 7.  This leak shows us that they do care and that if given the chance will actually really impress with a multimedia and business device.

Nice HTC, nice!

Source: Engadget

Note: The 2nd picture is of the HTC EVO’s kickstand.  Used solely as a representation of the kickstand feature.