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Headshot: Face Detection and Verbal Cues Align Your Face In Photos–Available For WP7

We first saw Headshot a while back when MS was showing off some student projects based on MS’s cloud based services. This one makes sure that when you take a self portrait you’re actually in the photo. Well now it’s here:

Headshot helps you take better pictures of yourself. You specify where you want your head to be when taking a self-photo, then headshot uses face detection to tell you how to rotate your camera so that your head is in the right place. If you have a front-facing camera on your phone, consider this, your rear-facing camera takes pictures with 8x higher resolution than the front! You can use headshot to take better, higher-resolution pictures of yourself. Headshot currently works best with one person. Please support the developers by buying this app so that they can make time to better support multiple heads in one shot.

UPDATE VERSION 2.0: I have implemented a fix for HTC phones and tested it on the HTC titan. If the app still doesn’t work on your phone please contact me at

I like the concept a lot. It’s free to try or $1 to own.