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Mighty SMS Schedule Reminder Announced For WP7

Another day, another developer confirmed for Windows Phone 7. The latest is Iconsys who already has Mighty SMS available for Windows Mobile and have now confirmed that they will be bringing their software to WP7.

Mighty SMS™ has now evolved into a text message scheduling system that allows professionals to setup reminders for their clients and patients and enables them to send their clients and customers friendly courtesy notices/reminders prior to their scheduled meetings and thank you notes afterward.

Mighty SMS™ comes in a personal version, where all features are managed on the phone itself, or in a professional version with more functionality; the app can be administered through an internet interface, and scheduling can be done in real time (right in front of the patient, or while on the phone with a sales lead) and as your appointments are being scheduled. The web interface/management comes at a nominal monthly fee.  Also, while the company is excited about its plans for integration of this app into Google Calendar and Outlook in the near future as a plug-in for ease of  management by office staff and appointment setters, at present Mighty SMS™ is fully functional and ready to meet the heavy demands of the busy professional or house-spouse.

As of now, a personal user can use it to pre-program text message salutations to their friends, loved ones, and professional contacts.  Thank You’s, Happy Birthday’s, and Happy Anniversary’s are not accidentally forgotten when you input your Mighty SMS™ onto your phone and utilize this to organize your calendar and your contacts.

In the Professional version, customized replies can be generated that  remind clients and patients of upcoming appointments, with information about contacting you back if there are any changes.

The complete press release is located here and more information on Mighty SMS for Windows Mobile 6.5 is here. By the way, they state an Android version is coming “when the Android Tablet is released closer to Christmas 2010” Interesting…