It’s the weekend so the news usually slows down a little and I thought I would throw the weekend readers a small poll and get their feedback on a new logo idea we have been working on. I have never been all that happy with our logo with the tower in the middle and I wanted to create something different. Well, in the first image below is the center icon I created. The second and third versions are by our own Danny Lam. I am torn between them and wondered what you all think. Vote for one, two, or three to decide the fate of our logo. If you have a some artistic skill, and have a fresh new idea all together, let us know. Thanks!

[poll id="70"]

NEWMDLOGO1        logo3        logo2


  1. Third one is the best, though i’d suggest making if fully monochrome (so android and wp logos be reworked to blend.) and i’d think twice about the windows logo as a whole. Same concept but with 4 stylized frames, minimal and monochrome would really do the job. i’ll try a mockup if needed.

  2. Thanks, if you have time to whip up something that you have in mind we would love to see it. Send it to doug at (this website) dot com.

  3. i dont like any of them, it looks like it was done in mspaint. and why are they all on the windows logo?

  4. The idea was to incorporate all of the major OS Platforms we blog about, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

  5. Oh please for the love of all that is holy do not lag everything on a windows logo foundation. I’ll spend the whole weekend cooking up logos if i have to. Please don’t do that.

  6. How about making it look like 4 apps for each respective OS….so the WP7 gets a flat square look and iPhone gets all rounded edges\icon but same concept of four tiles in the end

  7. I like the second one, if you were to put the Windows logo from #1 on #2 it would look slightly better. Good job!

  8. Not sure why every other OS is on the Microsoft logo. Not feeling it. If you have to have something with the four major mobile OS’s logos, why not a compass or something with the logos in the quadrants?

  9. Okay, thanks for the feedback everyone. I like yss’s compass idea. Good direction. I will go back to the old logo for the time being…

  10. That’s right, I started Tilt Mobility, then Fuze Mobility, and combined them both into Mobility Digest. Windows Mobile started us off, and now it is riding off into the sunset. Even the last worthy device, the HD2 has more interest in NAND Flashing Android or WP7.

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