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Herm Hits WP7 Marketplace With More 3 Freebies

As if releasing MASH yesterday  for free wasn’t enough, Herm’s Software hit double digits in Marketplace with three free apps hitting Marketplace today – Ball Kick, Peg Jump and Magic 8Ball (Free). Ball Kick is a classic game where you try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible so you need to tap it before it hits the ground. This version has an online leaderboard and you can change the ball from a soccer ball to a volley ball to a chicken. Yup, a chicken. Pretty funny.

Next up is Peg Jump. This is another classic game where you start with one empty hole and need to jump a peg to remove it with the goal being that you end up with just one peg. It’s a puzzler that he’s had since Windows 6.x. I can never beat this one but I always come back to it…

The third app is Magic 8Ball (free) which had been available as a paid version and was available for WM 6.5 as well. Yup, ask the magic 8Ball a question, give it a shake and all of your questions will be answered. There are 6 backgrounds and answers in English, Italian, German, French and Russian. It’s already sporting a 4.5 star rating.

So all of these are free from a developer that’s been around for a long time already so you can expect a well polished app. Shweet!

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