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Herm Releases Fun Math For Windows Phones

Herm just dropped another casual/learning game into the Windows Phone Marketplace. This one is called Fun Math. Here’s the description:

Fun Math is a game that lets you practice math in a whole new way. This game is fun for both children and adults and will help learn and improve simple math skills.
Featuring two game modes that end after five incorrect answers:
Match Game where you match a ball containing the math problem with a ball containing the solution.
Ordered Pop where you pop the balls with values in the order from smallest to greatest.
Also featuring practice modes for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Each level the max number goes up by one up to 100 for everything except multiplication which is limited to 20. For example max multiplication will be 20×20 and everything else will be 100+100, 100-100 and 100/100.
Online score board is available for the games so you can compete with other players worldwide.

It’s an interesting game because you can paly the game or use it to learn math. So kids can play it as a learning experience. At the same time, adults can try to speed through as fast as they can to do as much math in their heads quickly and without errors as you race against time. And the ordered pop version makes you do the math of all of the bubbles and keep the order in your head so you pop them in the right order. The online leaderboards are going to come into play here too as that always adds a great dimension to these kinds of games.

Anyway, it’s available now for free and it can be played by ids, parents or together so it’s a nice package overall.

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