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Herm’s Software Presents…WiToss

He did it again. Another beautifully designed ridiculously addictive gave from Herm.  WiToss is a port of the iPhone game Paper Toss but it goes far beyond it. The object of the game is simple on its face – get an object into a hole.  So you start with a piece of crumbled paper and you need to get it into a trash can…but there’s a fan blowing at varying speeds. The end result is a game you’ll play for hours and keep going back to (yup, speaking from personal experience). To turn it up a notch Herm added two additional game modes – football (where the goal is to get the football through the uprights) and basketball. On top of that there are two modes to play in – the first has an arrow that goes side to side and you ‘release’ the ball by tapping the screen. The other is simply by flicking – wherever you flick your finger the ball follows.  It doesn’t stop there though. There are three levels of difficulty going from a small fan to a virtual hurricane. If you want to play level three you need everyone to be quiet cause it requires concentration but it can be mastered:) And the game can be played as a race against the clock to get the most points or in a “five strikes you’re out” mode. You can even toggle the amount of time on the clock from 1, 3 or 5 minute games. Toggles are also available to turn sound and vibration on/off. And as an added bonus there’s two player mode when playing in ‘five lives’ mode. Man is this thing filled with goodies.


As I mentioned, I have a few hours of game play under my belt already and that’s just the beginning for me. It’s the type of game you just want to master while still being simple enough to play on a subway. The graphics and game play are smooth as silk. This is a fully developed game that any major developer would be proud of…but Herm did it alone. Pretty amazing stuff. All of this is available to you for less than a cup of coffee- it’s just $1.69 from Herm’s website.

This app works for VGA, QVGA, WVGA and WQVGA resolutions so everyone is invited. Thanks again to Herm for bringing such a well polished game to our handhelds!