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Herm’s Software Surpasses 1Million Windows Phone App Downloads!

Congratulations to Herm’s Software for a massive milestone. Although Herm doesn’t get the publicity of a lot of other developers, hitting the 1m download mark certainly puts him in an elite group.

How’d he get to this point? A few apps in the #1 spot certainty helped.

Currently in the #1 top selling position in the entertainment category, 911 Scanner has been a runaway hit. The free app lets users listen to live emergency radio communications and despite its price, it is robust and carries 4.5 stars.

Similarly, Six Week Training held the #1 position in the health + fitness category and even after over 9 months in the Marketplace it still holds the #2 rank for free app in the fitness subcategory with 4.5 stars. This all inclusive fitness application sets up a six week regiment to help users perform 200 pushups, 200 situps, 200 squats, 150 dips and 20 pullups. It features live tile support, SkyDrive backup and other advances features while being offered on a free (ad based) system.

However the first Marketplace hit was actually Paper Flick, which still holds a top 10 spot in the Games – Family category for free games after holding the top spot for some time. This game was a port from my Windows Mobile game and its quick success kept me excited in the platform. And just a few spots behind Paper Flick, in the same category, is MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) which is a classic game that predicts your future.

Another silent hit is Skee Ball 7 which holds the #7 position in the Games – Strategy + Simulation category for free games. With a 4 star rating and over 200 reviews, this remake of skee ball has proven to be popular thanks in part to its physics, online leader boards and plenty of minigames (which are prizes for high scores).

You can see all of the applications here in the Marketplace.

In case you missed it yesterday he released Lite Brite to the Marketplace.

A big congratulations to Herm and we’re looking forward to the next million!

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