This is really confusing to us here at Mobility Digest. First, we all know that Windows Phone 7 has a tentative release date of “The Holiday Season”. That’s it. That’s all we had. Now it appears we have a little more information from the Microsoft COO himself, Kevin Turner. He says that:

In the October timeframe, in the November timeframe, October Likely across Europe, November likely across the US, the game, we are back in this game…”

What in the world is he talking about? You can’t buy the ZuneHD there, or get ZunePass. And isn’t Europe responsible for that pesky little antitrust action against Microsoft that cost them how much? According to a recent New York Times article that cost was 1.8 billion! Not sure why MS would do this other than maybe a peace offering, be damn I would have thought 1.8 billion would have covered it! Check out the video below for the words straight from the horse’s cash cow’s mouth!



  1. Considering this is coming from the same crapshooter that said the iPhone 4 is Apple’s Vista i’m going to go ahead and hold out until I hear from someone on the Windows Phone 7 team or Ballmer.

    For the same reasons listed above (Zune Pass, Zune) it just makes no sense to release it there first. All reports to this point was for Europe to get things a month or two after the US. You have to deal with Marketplace regions being accessed properly and the like. Logistically it makes total sense to launch US first and Europe second.

    I’m going to be one pissed birthday boy if I don’t have my WP7 in my hand.

  2. Actually it makes sense. Here in Europe Apple and Google are not as dominant as in the US (Nokia has the upper hand) so MS sees it as a testing ground.

  3. I know this is not the case with the iPhone (or, Android?), but in the past hasn’t Europe always been a little ahead of the US with Windows phones? I seem to recall Europe having earlier access to things like

    – HTC Touch Pro 2
    – Official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs

    I always assumed this was a carrier/HW driven move down to the fact that it was easier to get GSM devices (which is de facto in Europe) than CDMA.

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