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Hey, About How Much Do Traffic Lights Cost?

I was rollin’ in my hooptie, stock rims, diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean, and I hit an intersection. Looked up at the traffic light and I was quite taken, moved really, by how bright a clear the lights were. It was touching to realize that traffic lights is among the things that man has kept working on and improving. The optics in particular.

So I started wondering a bit more tangentially, Hmm, I wonder how much one of these lights go for. Probably at least four grand apiece. I figured I should google it, but something about it struck me as it proving to be a challenge to find the answer even on Google and sho’nuff I could not find out, after a solid twenty minutes of digging, about how much one of these puppies cost.

I finally found a company that sells these things among other things, flipped through the site and their PDFs, no prices. The closest I got in my hunt was their contact information to try to get a quote, but I threw in the towel as I thought it would be a bit rude to waste someone’s time fielding a solicitation, getting excited they might make a sale, just to satisfy someone’s fleeting curiosity.

But back to Google, go ahead, try it yourself, go on Google Products, use Google Goggles on your phone, hell get a ladder and see if you can find a barcode to scan,  you will not find a ballpark figure for one of these modern traffic lights and if you do you are a better googler than I.

Never thought the day would come where I couldn’t google something successfully after a solid twenty minutes or so. Maybe Bing? Nah…

Doug Simmons