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Hey Now, Honeycomb Ported to the Nexus S! [root]

Android fragmentation my ass! And everything works too — except wifi, bluetooth, data, hardware acceleration, camera, audio, rotation and presumably a lot of other things; but hey man, Honeycomb on a phone! Just finished flashing it, hitting reboot now… c’mon, gimme a sweet splash screen, most important thing’s the splash…

Okay I got ANDROID in the Androidish font strobing weirdly with a wave light effect over the text, okay now it’s black, and bam! Honeycomb purple background, .. no wait, black again, maybe it was a lockscreen timeout. Yes it was. Screen unlocked, I’m in (nice lockscreen). Still the strobing, guess that’s what XDA intrepid badass jroid meant when he said “the whole nine yards” doesn’t work.

Outstanding porting bugs notwithstanding, and by the way as time passes those tend to get fixed, this is indeed Honeycomb, it’s all futuristic and if you want to know what it’s like, either buy a Honeycomb-equipped tablet (or fiddle with one in the store), flash this on a Nexus S or just watch some Youtube clips. Here’s the thread. Man, that XDA crowd always delivers. Ain’t that something.

All right, that was fun, kind of. Thanks for sharing this with me vicariously. Curiosity satisfied. Now kindly pardon me as I restore a backup

Doug Simmons