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Hidden WiFi Networks Now Accessible : Sorry, for HTC Only

Currently, WP7 devices can only see WiFi networks that broadcast their SSID, so no hidden networks. The Unwired is reporting that HTC has released an app to Marketplace which will allow you to define up to three hidden WiFi access points on your device. After the hidden network is added it can be accessed like any other WiFi network. The app is titled “Hidden Wi-Fi” and available for free in Marketplace, but exclusively only to HTC Windows Phone owners.

Assuming this is a simple file/registry add, my guess is XDA-Developers will have a Homebrew solution for all devices but the end of the day, if not already.  You can fetch the app in Zune Marketplace here, or search for Hidden Wi-Fi app on your phone. Don’t know why, but I didn’t see it in the HTC Apps hub.

UPDATE: Looks like there is a problem. When I try to open the app I get the following message: “This application requires the latest Wi-Fi software. Please update your phone to the latest system software.” Tried turning WiFi off and soft resetting but no luck. So this app may require an HTC firmware update that has been floating around recently for several devices. If you have gotten the HTC firmware update in addition to the Microsoft NoDo update let us know in the comments below if this app opens for you. Guess the good news is the that firmware update does something to improve WiFi, or at least that’s what HTC is implying. Let’s see if they got that right.