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Twozaic Twitter App For WP7 Refined and Demoed

Last time I looked at Twozaic I called it “dead sexy’ and it’s only gotten better. I now it’s a Twitter app, but it’s a new take on Twitter.  Just check it out:

Here’s the feature list:

Twozaic supports different views of all your twitter timelines:
– cloud view, to instantly see important people’s tweets,
– histogram, to zoom out on the timeline and observe peak moments or quarrels between your friends 😉
– and your ordinary list view.
You can also post pictures with geo location using Plixi (Tweetphoto), Yfrog or Twitpic.
Twozaic supports multiple accounts with easy switching.
You can search users and tweets.
You can create your own lists, add members, and follow lists of other people.
Twozaic offers full support for managing your friends and followers as well as sending and managing direct messages.

There’s a lot more information and screenshots on their website.

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