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Serious Question for All You WP7 Updaters

I’ll admit that after I flash a new nightly of Android or update an app I often need to refer to a changelog to get the picture of what improvements I just picked up. But since NoDo is quite extremely the opposite of a nightly of anything in that it took, shall we say, a little longer than anticipated to begin, and a good five months after the complaints of shortcomings piled up, to be polished up and released to as I understand it just a couple devices of the several devices for those willing and able to link up to a computer and install some iTunes-like program to flash the update, I’m curious what those of you who flashed it who did not read a changelog or feature list like this noticed after having updated. Anything? Feels good?

Let me rephrase: If I snuck into your bedroom last night and updated your phone before you got around to it without waking you up, what, if anything, would you notice when turning it on this morning is both different and better (if you managed not to piece together that I snuck into your bedroom, which would distract you from effectively participating in this hypothetical situation)? How much are these improvements you’ve noticed firsthand worth to you? Much ado about nothing or is this night and day? Serious question (pretend David K asked you, could make for a good thread); not trying to be hostile (though I will be if you come at me bro).

Doug Simmons