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Holy Crap! More Windows Phone 7 apps and it’s not even out yet…

We’ve been seeing a great spewing forth of apps for WinPho 7 recently as new SDK’s and updates roll out.  Most of these are just rehashes of previous apps like this Twitter client and this GeoAlbum that caches photos to your phone based on your location, like pulling up pictures of a particular cities attractions and monuments.  The apps themselves are nothing amazing or groundbreaking.  What is groundbreaking and amazing is the fact that most of these apps are being thrown together with about 80% existing code, a few hours of reworking UI and/or some API’s and most importantly the number of these apps we’ve seen over the past few months.  It seems like every other day or two we’re seeing some great looking WinPho7 apps being shown off from a wide variety of software providers.  It seems like Microsoft has brought the development bar down even further than Android or iPhone SDK’s have.  Let’s hope that all this dev excitement is sustained to help push off the launch of the new OS.