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Hot Damn, Mango Rolling Out Fast as Hell

lolspoilerAppears I’m about to owe my man D-Money and Murani seventy bucks, having bet them in May that it would take many months for Mango to appear on 2/3rds of active WPs. Now using MD’s traffic as the indicator puts me at a disadvantage given that you people are more likely to upgrade faster than the average WP owner, and even though I didn’t agree to use that as the meter, given that I’ve got nothing better available and that I’m a gentlemen, and also given that it’s obvious where it’s going, let’s go with MD traffic.

Around 2pm Tuesday, Mango concentration of all our Windows Phone 7.* traffic was at 8%, which was actually lower than the Tuesday a month back. Yesterday it weighed in at a stunning 51%, and today, since midnight today through now it’s at 57%. Bet it will break sixty today. So that’s less than 10% to go until I owe D-Money $20 and Murani $50. Meaning it’s time to check my balance and round up their money.

More importantly it means that the Windows Phone men (and women?) managed to coordinate and execute a hell of a job on this rollout, tremendously exceeding my expectations obviously, of getting their customers onto Mango, which everyone seems to love, extremely rapidly – bravo to you guys. This is not an easy thing to pull off. Really I am amazed with Microsoft for once. Less amazed with Murani because I know he just got lucky and bet based on his emotions, though D-Money on the other hand seems to have an eye for rationality.

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and call this my concession of defeat on this wager with these two guys and to all of you WP owners who cheered them on, coupled maybe with a light apology for raining on your parade with these two bets, might as well forgo the formality of waiting for another ten percent because I’m obviously done here.

Sigh, I was about to drop that scratch on eight gigs of ram in order to troll with more tabs open.

So, any chance you two accept Google Checkout?

Doug Simmons