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WP7 aka Voltron 2010

Did you ever think you’d see the day come so soon that an iPhone user would commit to buying a Windows Phone 7?  Neither did I.  But alas it has happened here (traitor).  There is one main reason why I didn’t.  Steve Jobs and Apple by proxy have done a masterful job of conditioning customers who own anything Mac to be used to only operating Mac hardware.  To venture outside the Apple world is so jarring I think it isn’t being dramatic to state the emotional response is akin to a lifelong (career, if you will) incarcerated criminal coming to the outside world and being willing to commit a crime just to be returned to their now cozy confines.  Yes for most customers of Apple it is just this bad.

I ran Zune on one of my laptops and iTunes on the other and invited a Apple using friend over for a comparison.  I tried iTunes and he Zune.  Almost immediately my friend, complained about not being to find where to search for a song.  I looked at him and smirked.  The light bulb had went off in my head and I realized that he was totally conditioned to the point any variation from the Apple model was almost too much to handle.  There is this very clear set of categories (quickplay, collection, MARKETPLACE, social) in the upper right hand corner.  Pretty sure COLLECTION or MARKETPLACE are logical places to start searching for the music.

He was unwilling to even try to interact with the Zune software.  I quickly felt sad for him, it was like watching a farm boy venturing into the big city for the first time and never being let out to play on his own.

The article “Why You’ll Want A Windows Phone” made me realize that when you remove all the fanaticism about a particular platform (their are Apple, Android, WinMo, WebOS fan boys) and start to be honest with yourself you realize that Windows Phone 7 has a lot going for itself.

Introducing my personal Five Parts that make up WP7 (aka Voltron 2010)

  1. Control Center (Represented by the black lion-The Head & Body)—This is MS’s decision to kick all the other crappy chefs out the kitchen and abandon the “have it your way” Burger King mentality it displayed allowing Carriers and OEMs to turn WinMo into crapware.  The Metro UI serves as the body, the eye candy that is sure to catch people’s attention.
  2. Xbox Live (Represented by the red lion-The Right Hand/Arm)—The dependable and powerful feature that is sure to carve a niche in the market and cause competitors to shake in their boots.  Make no mistake the Xbox Live integration is a potential gateway to being the main differentiator for Microsoft over everyone.  Kinect anyone?
  3. Apps/Developers (Represented by the green lion-The Left Hand/Arm)—Occasional assistance that supplements the powerful Xbox Live Connection.  Functional, high quality apps serving their purpose and sometimes being overlooked but continuing to be steady influence on WP7’s success.
  4. Zune (Represented by the blue lion-The Right Leg)—Stable, smooth, and hugely important upgrade to Windows Media Player.  A worthy alternative to iTunes.  This cannot be stated strongly enough the benefit of having Zune on the phone and providing a powerful user friendly feature at launch and going forward.  Stability!
  5. Social Integration (Represented by the yellow lion)—Foundation of Mobile platforms going forward.  MS’s emphasis on social integration is first in class.  We know and are focused on facebook and twitter but Windows Live and the built in mass of Windows Live account holders should not be overlooked.  Everything coming together and playing nice together is always a good thing.

So there you have it, WP7 aka Voltron 2010, ready to be defenders of the universe. Well at least defenders of our desire to have as many quality phones available to choose from as we can.  Gotta love that, and as of today even iPhone users are starting to!