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HTC HD2 Owners Get Some HTC OBOE Love Via NRG!

Just wanted to give a quick heads up to all my weekend flashing freaks that NRG has released a new ROM with some cooked in HTC OBOE love from the official shipped version from Dopod in China. If you remember back, Xmoo dropped this WM6.5.3 goodness back in the middle of June on his Twitter page.

NRG’s ROM is using WM 6.5.3 Build 23129 which is as mentioned above the official Dopod version for the OBOE, and HTC Sense 2018. Here is some other goodness in his ROM:

August 13th, 2010

  • Build 23129 (official, shipped version from Oboe)
  • Added automatic SMS threading disable to XDA_UC script to help with SMS message order when restoring from PIM backup file
  • Sense 2018 build from the latest Oboe device ROM
  • Lockscreen updated to HTCLockScreen_2_0_20173832_00
  • New colorful icons in Sense (2nd levels only)
  • Timezone and time settings problems hopefully fixed, timezone popups are eradicated for good.
  • A couple more GTX bugs fixed
  • New way of cooking the 23129 ROM to minimize freezing(hopefully) and increase speed.

Head on over to XDA to download. If you have a favorite ROM, let us know and share it in a comment so we all can bring some more attention to these ROM Chefs! As Always, you need, like REALLY need to read the instructions 100% before flashing. Flash at your own risk.