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How much storage is enough on Windows Phone 7?

HTC_HD7_pic01 Loving the devices but turned off by the storage?

With the recent barrage of WP7 devices getting leaked accompanied by specs showcasing the majority of phones offering 8GB of internal storage competing against the iPhones and Androids of the world it begs the question is that enough?  The iPhone of course comes in 16GB or 32GB versions and Android has expansion slots to supplement their internal memory up to 32GB it doesn’t look too good.  Are the WP7 8GB devices destined to epically fail or is Microsoft’s emphasis on streaming data its secret weapon to overcome on-board memory limits and fight on even ground with the iPhone and Android?

Personally I would love a 16GB seeing as how I’ll be streaming most content going forward.  Hello, Zune Pass!  Anyone else see an alternative streaming solution to this potentially deadly problem? Let the protest begin! Sound off in the comments.