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How To Easily Email Pics Faster

The quality of the cameras in our phones has gotten better (well at least megapixel count has increased) and because of that the file size of photos tends to exceed over half a meg. That’s fine for viewing photos on your PC but most of the time full resolution isn’t needed or you do not have the time (or want to pay for the data) of sending such a large file. Of course, you could shoot the image in lower resolution but then you’re limited to only the low resolution  image. Instead, you can take a photo in full resolution and email it in lower resolution. If you go to Pictures and Videos (in Programs – Tools) then go to Menu – Tools – Options and you will see the screen image in the photo. You can then change the resolution of the image you email so you can email the full resolution or a smaller resolution photo and it does the work for you. In a test, the smallest resolution was a mere 5k, medium was 8k and large was 16k so by doing this you can still send a 640×480 photo without waiting for the send/receive process to finish uploading a half a meg.

You should know that this only works if you send the photo through Pictures & Video and it will not change the resolution on emails where you attach a photo directly through Outlook or on pictures sent through HTC Album. So to do this go into Photos & Video and use the left soft key to set up the email.