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The Fart Application of The Future…Today

I know…it’s a fart application. But this isn’t a normal fart application – meet BSFartApp. This is the fart application you couldn’t even dream of. It includes text messaging to initiate a fart, GPS remote tracking (of course which can then trigger a fart), remotely cause the subject phone to call another phone (so you can listen to the phone remotely and hear the fart prank) and timed farting and with all of these you can control the fart (you’re not limited to just a Taco Bell fart with this app). This thing has a website you log onto where you can see your phone’s location in real time and execute farts remotely and when you record new farts on the phone they even appear on the website. I know, it’s lot but you have to watch this video. And as crazy as this sounds for a fart application, the use of this app can be far beyond farting, like remote tracking of your phone, remotely calling into your own phone (what you do with that is up to you) and you can record any noise so you don’t need to limit yourself to farts. This is all wrapped together in an iPhone-esque looking interface (I’m sure Steve is proud). It’s a $2 application from I doubt we will ever see a more developed fart application in our life times!

The original XDA thread is here.